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Entries by Chris Weigant from 07/2010

The Forgotten Battle Which Won The American Revolution

| Posted 07.02.2010 | Politics

The Revolutionary War lasted a lot longer than most of us realize. Begun in 1775, the war didn't end for six long years, and wasn't fully resolved for another two. The Battle of the Chesapeake, in particular, deserves to be remembered.

Obama Poll Watch -- June, 2010

| Posted 07.07.2010 | Politics

Obama, after gaining a bit in his average approval ratings in May, slipped back in June. But the reversal was slight, continuing a five-month streak of amazingly stable numbers.

Friday Talking Points [130] -- Who Is This "They" Obama Speaks Of?

| Posted 07.09.2010 | Politics

Since we took last week off to write something patriotic for Independence Day weekend, we've got two weeks to cover today. Fortunately, every other w...

How Democrats Should Respond to Jon Kyl

| Posted 07.12.2010 | Politics

If you want to be serious about being fiscally responsible then you can't have some sort of double standard where you hold the line on new spending but ignore the fact that tax cuts add to the deficit.

Friday Talking Points [131] -- Democratic Campaign Advice

| Posted 07.16.2010 | Politics

This week, Congress -- moving with its usual less-than-blinding speed -- passed a Wall Street reform bill, a mere two years after the crisis hit. Wal...

More Biden, Please

| Posted 07.19.2010 | Politics

Since Biden's not president himself, he is much more free to put things in explicitly partisan terms than his boss. And he seems to be doing a rip-snorting good job of doing so.

Cocaine Sentencing Injustice Slightly Lessened

| Posted 07.29.2010 | Politics

In true incrementalist fashion, Democrats have now made things slightly less unfair, but fell far short of actual fairness. It's as if, right after the Civil War, Congress announced that black people would now count as four-fifths of a person.

Friday Talking Points [132] -- The DMV? Really?

| Posted 07.30.2010 | Politics

Last week, this column took a week off, due to an extended trip into the desert for the Netroots Nation convention. But now, we turn our sights back ...