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Entries by Chris Weigant from 10/2010

Friday Talking Points [141] -- Rahm's Exit Contest Winner Announced

| Posted 10.01.2010 | Politics

I will begin today's column by drying a tear as we all wish Rahm Emanuel a fond farewell. Actually, I am lying. I am drying no tears for Rahm becaus...

Obama Poll Watch -- September, 2010

| Posted 10.04.2010 | Politics

Last month I rashly wrote that since Obama was starting the month on an upswing, he had a good chance of posting largish gains in September. This didn't happen.

If California Legalizes Marijuana, How Will Obama React?

| Posted 10.06.2010 | Politics

California legalizing marijuana seems to have become a very real possibility, and how Obama's going to handle it will be important. The state could become a "test-case" in challenging federal laws on the matter.

Friday Talking Points [142] -- Republican "Doggy-Doo"

| Posted 10.08.2010 | Politics

We're going to start off with a warning this week: this preamble section is going to be mostly shameless self-promotion and one cheap inside joke. If...

Nobel Prize Obstructionism

| Posted 10.11.2010 | Politics

It is downright ludicrous to say that a Nobel Prize-winning economist is somehow not qualified to get a job running economic policy for the government. Until Sen. Richard Shelby realizes this, Obama and the White House should point it out.

California Marijuana Proposition Update

| Posted 10.13.2010 | Politics

The federal government is going to have limited legal options, at best, if it tries to overthrow the "will of the people" (assuming, of course, that Proposition 19 actually passes), as evidenced best by the fact that the medical marijuana laws still stand.

Friday Talking Points [143] -- Don't Ask, Don't Tell, Don't Appeal?

| Posted 10.15.2010 | Politics

[OK, that was rather a fun title to write, but I have to at least begin with a warning that, while today's column is almost completely Obama-centric i...

Tea Partiers Should Prepare for Disappointment

| Posted 10.18.2010 | Politics

Tea Partiers want to cut the favorite target of conservatives -- "entitlements." The only problem with that is that most folks don't call these programs "entitlements," most folks call them "my Social Security check."

Senate Midterm Election Overview

| Posted 10.20.2010 | Politics

Both Republicans and Democrats have seen some movement in their direction, but a large number of states remain simply too close to call, with less than two weeks to go before the election.

Friday Talking Points [144] -- Midterm Home Stretch

| Posted 10.22.2010 | Politics

Many Democrats in this election cycle seem to be getting much better at the tactic known as "the attack ad."

Republican House Musings

| Posted 10.25.2010 | Politics

The Republican Party's approval rating is the most dismal of all, clocking in lower than even the Democratic Party's approval. In other words, the voters are about to vote into power a party they like less than the party currently in power.

Entertainment and Politics

| Posted 10.27.2010 | Politics

The phenomenon of TV personalities throwing their own "rallies" certainly breaks new ground in both the political arena and the entertainment world -- politics has truly become indistinguishable from show business.

Terrifying Hallowe'en Nightmares, Left And Right

| Posted 10.29.2010 | Politics

It's that time of year again... the time when we pre-empt our usual Friday Talking Points column here and instead gather 'round the virtual campfire a...