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Entries by Chris Weigant from 02/2011

Obama Poll Watch -- January, 2011

| Posted 02.02.2011 | Politics

When taken month-to-month, January, 2011, was Obama's best month of his entire presidency. Not only did he finally get his bump -- but it was a truly significant bump.

Politics Ends at the Water's Edge

| Posted 02.05.2011 | Politics

Pundits looking to oversimplify Egypt into a definitive "we should be doing this" statement are free to do so, but they should be taken with a large grain of salt by the media-consuming public.

Obama: Too Many Boats Have Been Left Behind

| Posted 02.08.2011 | Politics

Corporate America is on our minds today, because President Obama just gave a speech to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. With the future decidedly uncert...

Can Boehner Count Votes?

| Posted 02.09.2011 | Politics

John Boehner is having a rough week, but the real fight within the Republican Party has only just begun.

Friday Talking Points [154] -- Egypt Rising

| Posted 02.11.2011 | World

While Egypt's future is uncertain, the feeling of optimism among the people who succeeded in demanding change is palpable today. It wouldn't surprise me if February 11th becomes an Egyptian national holiday in the future.

Budget Season Overview

| Posted 02.14.2011 | Politics

Democrats in the last Congress could have passed the 2011 budget, but they did not. They punted, leaving the door open for Republicans to do what they will with the budget for both this year and for FY 2012.

Revolutionary Thoughts

| Posted 02.16.2011 | World

Don't expect an outcome equal to the (mostly) peaceful overthrows in Tunisia and Egypt in every single country now affected by this "people power" movement. There are major differences from country to country.

Class Warfare Indeed

| Posted 02.21.2011 | Politics

Before I even begin here, I'd like to address what my critics will respond with, when they hear what I have to say. They're going to call these ideas...

Our Forgotten "Presidents"

| Posted 02.21.2011 | Politics

In between the Declaration of Independence and George Washington's inauguration, there were 16 (or perhaps 13, or maybe just eight) men who were called "president".

Big Brother v. Little Brother

| Posted 02.23.2011 | Media

In a police state, citizens live in fear of the police monitoring them. But what do you call it when the police themselves know that at any time or place while they are performing their duties, the citizens could be monitoring them?

Friday Talking Points [156] -- Fighting on Several Fronts

| Posted 02.26.2011 | Politics

Crowds of unarmed protesters have been shot at with live ammunition. But dead protesters in our forcibly-imposed democracy is just so not according to the media's storyline.