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Entries by Christian HELP from 02/2013

Set Agenda and Politics Aside to Raise Jobs and Lower Poverty

| Posted 02.04.2013 | Impact

2012-11-13-jrlogo300x60.gif Often times, I shake my head as I attend numerous meetings with many well-intentioned people that produce either little results. Or I look back at how money is being spent and I just can't make sense of it. It is time for us to become more strategic.

It's Dark and I Can't See -- What Direction Did You Say to Go?

| Posted 02.05.2013 | Impact

2012-11-13-jrlogo300x60.gif In July, through no fault of my own, I lost my job. With no money left from my husband's last paycheck, I knew we were heading downhill.

Is Your Job Search a Waste of Time?

| Posted 02.15.2013 | Impact

2012-11-13-jrlogo300x60.gifIt is important for job programs to help to solve the disconnect between needing a job and finding a job.

Veterans Clashing Expectation and Reality

| Posted 02.25.2013 | Impact

2012-11-13-jrlogo300x60.gifOur veterans have served our country and deserve to have the red carpet rolled out to them.