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Entries by Claire Gordon from 02/2011

The Narcissism Myth

| Posted 02.03.2011 | College

So college students today get their headiest high from a self-esteem fix. That doesn't mean they're all ego addicts. A lot of young people may just prefer a good grade to a quickie and fried chicken bucket.

A Conversation with Your Cellphone

| Posted 02.04.2011 | Healthy Living

Digital media use can sometimes graze the edge of social acceptability, but as digital and analogue life become evermore integrated, the protocols get blurry.

The Truth According to Wikipedia

| Posted 02.06.2011 | Technology

However unsound its foundations, Wikipedia is the most cited document of our times, coming up first on almost any Google search and transporting me to the land of religious cults, megafauna and racist Disney cartoons.

The Anti-Facebook Revolution

| Posted 02.10.2011 | Technology

Facebook is too crowded to be a home and too familiar to be a street. It's an "eternal, illusory party." And some have decided to crash it.

A Digital Valentine

| Posted 02.14.2011 | Technology

Exactly what Facebook did to our social lives, "social dating" sites risk doing to dating -- turning other human beings into means to feel more awesome about yourself.

Browsing Is Dead

| Posted 02.21.2011 | Technology

If I want to watch a movie now, I just search and download or stream on Netflix. My browsing is limited to the genres "end-of-the-world" and "suburban dysfunction," which Netflix says are my favorites.

The Gift of Money

| Posted 02.23.2011 | Technology

With the Internet reducing search, transaction and distribution costs to near nil, savvy start-ups have been able to thwart the capitalist order and make use-value the sole value of a good once again.