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Entries by Claudia Ricci from 04/2011

Seeing Red -- "How Can She Be Tempted?"

| Posted 04.05.2011 | Books

She tears the crust from a rounded slice of bread, begins nibbling on crumbs. She is having a war with herself, trying to decide whether to continue with the fabrication, or admit the truth.

How Do We Dream Up Novels? Or Do Novels Dream Us?

| Posted 04.11.2011 | Books

Like all dreams, it's hard to know exactly when this one started. Maybe it was the day way way back in April of 1985 when I walked away from a plum job as a staff reporter for The Wall Street Journal in New York, pushing my infant daughter Jocelyn in her carriage.

So How Do Fiction Writers Fool Readers?

| Posted 04.12.2011 | Books

It is indeed a mystery and a marvel that fiction writers can fool their readers into believing in what they write. And it isn't only geography that we novelists can "fake."

Seeing Red: Her Lover is Quite the "Snake"

| Posted 04.18.2011 | Books

Galvarez pushed the piece of paper across the table. "If your guitarist is anywhere in or around Granada, he can't hide from these folks for long," Galvarez said.

The World in a Raindrop -- An Amazing Photo to Celebrate Earth Day

| Posted 04.22.2011 | Green

Photographer Dawn Tejam Diaz, who lives in the Philipines, took this amazing photograph in a park after a rain storm, on March 7, 2011. (The photo a...

Seeing Red: "Face Up to the Facts"

| Posted 04.26.2011 | Books

Ronda completes dialing the first number and a woman answers and mumbles something that Ronda doesn't understand. "Buenos días, señora," Ronda begins slowly. "Conoce usted Jesús Becerra?" The woman cannot speak a word of English.

Resurrecting the Newspaper Story I Wrote About Diana and Charles

| Posted 04.29.2011 | Style

We can't help reveling in the glamor of royalty. We can't help our collective fascination with fairy-tale weddings. I remember feeling the same as a reporter back in 1981.