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Entries by Clay Farris Naff from 02/2010

There's No Hatred Like Faith-Based Hatred

| Posted 02.05.2010 | Healthy Living

Religion is a complex human phenomenon, and I'd be the last person to say it's all about hatred. It's clearly not. But religious expressions of hatred, increasingly fill mainstream channels of communication

New 'Holographic' Physics Theory Challenges Our Metaphysical Presuppositions

| Posted 02.08.2010 | Healthy Living

If the theory and evidence agree, we are like Na'vi in the 3-D version of Avatar -- mere images ignorant of our own flatness.

Praying For Darwin: Hundreds Of Congregations Set To Celebrate Evolution Weekend

| Posted 02.11.2010 | Healthy Living

More than 800 churches, synagogues, and other houses of worship have signed on for "Evolution Weekend." They come from all 50 states, plus the District of Columbia, and a dozen nations abroad.

Myth-Taking Reality: How Propagandists Make So Many Deny Climate Change

| Posted 02.15.2010 | Politics

The idea that scientists from many disciplines, languages, nations, and political orientations could forge a conspiracy to perpetrate a global climate hoax is, well, insane.

Is God Real? Yes, No, Maybe So

| Posted 02.22.2010 | Healthy Living

As a culturally generated metaphysical entity, God is real. If that sounds flimsy, consider: money is real in exactly the same sense.