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Entries by Collin Dunn from 08/2008

"The Unexamined Life is Not Worth Living"

| Posted 08.01.2008 | Green

So said Socrates at his heresy trial, right before drinking the hemlock, and, while he may not have had green living and sustainability in mind, I thi...

Product Service Systems: One You Already Know and One You Need to Know About

| Posted 08.07.2008 | Green

I'm a huge fan of the "Product Service System," better known to some as PSS. Though the name is easy to trip over, the concept is brilliant: rather th...

Another Kind of Greenwashing: Doing Green Laundry

| Posted 08.15.2008 | Green

When it comes to clothing, 75% of the energy consumed during a garment's life cycle is used in the laundering process, so making your laundry greener ...

Your Utility Bills are Going Up. What are You Going to Do About it?

| Posted 08.22.2008 | Green

Earlier this week I received a very polite letter from my local natural gas utility. It's message: Your rates are going to increase by 35-40 percent t...

"Ethical" is About More than Politicians' Choices

| Posted 08.29.2008 | Green

"Green" is a term that gets bandied about far too often these days; it's become very popular to brand yourself as such, and that's a double-edged swor...