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Entries by Craig and Marc Kielburger from 01/2013

Behind the Headlines: Resolutions Can Mean a Little Bit More

| Posted 01.03.2013 | Canada Impact

We're two days in -- how many New Year's resolutions have you already snapped in two? At the start of our calendar year there's a lot of pressure to "be a better person," which usually means "look like a better person." We propose an alternative that is scientifically proven to make you better: resolve to make the world a better place. Sound intimidating? It doesn't have to be.

Star Power: Robb Nash on 'the Wonderful Opportunity of Dying'

| Posted 01.07.2013 | Canada Impact

Robb Nash was hit by a truck the winter he was 17. The collision stripped the roof off of the car he was in and knocked him onto the highway, where he cracked his skull. He remained unconscious until the following spring. Now, 16 years later, he offers this advice: "Don't wait to get hit by a semi" to start living with purpose.

Seven New Year's Resolutions Canada Should Make

| Posted 01.09.2013 | Canada Impact

New Year's resolutions have become something of a cultural joke, however they can serve a purpose to make each year better than the last. That applies to nations as well as individuals. 2012 left Canada and the world facing some daunting challenges we have to tackle in 2013.

Star Power: Martin Sheen's Fight for Justice

| Posted 01.10.2013 | Canada Impact

Martin Sheen is truly a living Hollywood legend. Yet despite his accomplishments as an artist, acting is not where his true passions lie. As a pacifist, humanitarian and tireless activist for peace and social justice, Martin has been arrested more than 60 times for public protests and acts of civil disobedience. We caught up with him at We Day Alberta.

VIDEO: Our Me-to-We Christmas in Kenya

| Posted 01.15.2013 | Canada Impact

As the harsh reality of the post-holiday season sets in, we're still daydreaming about our Christmas in Kenya. We rang in the New Year with 170 of our closest friends and family -- our Free The Children staff. We all left our hearts in the Mara, so we thought we'd give you a little taste of our volunteer adventure right here.

Behind the Headlines: Should Armstrong's Charity Suffer For His Sins?

| Posted 01.16.2013 | Canada Impact

The trouble with Lance Armstrong's fall from grace is that he wasn't just a sports hero; he was a self-styled symbol of hope. Which is why we're all left wondering: does his doping confession negate his charitable work? Candidly, we're conflicted. Some of the onus for Armstrong's fall lies on our cultural tendency to elevate celebrities and sports idols to too-good-to-be-true status, then crucify them in the court of public opinion at their every transgression.

The Problem With Schools in Haiti

| Posted 01.24.2013 | Canada Impact

Last year we wrote about this Haitian school program and the hope it held for Haitian families. Many of the free schools are not housed in their own permanent structures but in spaces loaned by churches or community groups. Some of these groups now refuse to host the schools because of poor upkeep -- for example vandalism by students, a side-effect of the often-absent teachers.

Star Power: What Larry King Wants in His Obituary

| Posted 01.24.2013 | Canada Impact

Our first interview with Larry King was a wonderful surprise. He was a last-minute fill in at We Day Alberta when another speaker had to postpone. We weren't sure how the 79-year-old broadcast legend would connect with our young crowd. He sure knows how to tell a story.

ChangeMaker: Justice Murray Sinclair: An Aboriginal Judge With a Calling

| Posted 01.28.2013 | Canada Impact

Honourable Justice Murray Sinclair became Manitoba's first Aboriginal Judge. Later Justice Sinclair was appointed co-commissioner of Manitoba's Aboriginal Justice Inquiry. Today, as Chair of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada, he is building a lasting and meaningful legacy for every Canadian.

The Best Uses For Old Pennies

| Posted 01.30.2013 | Canada Impact

"Free your pennies from their prisons and donate them to charity!" That was the cry of Canadian Finance Minister Jim Flaherty as he announced the penny's demise in last year's federal budget. We've since talked to many different groups who are madly gathering pennies for many different causes.

Behind the Headlines: The Sibling Rivalry Upstaging the Super Bowl

| Posted 01.31.2013 | Canada Impact

Super Bowl XLVII will go down in history not as a football game, but as a family conflict hashed out in the public arena. Head coaches are Harbaugh brothers John and Jim, leading opposing teams. As brothers who co-author columns and co-direct projects, we can relate to the interest generated by siblings working in the same arena.