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Entries by Craig Crawford from 08/2009

Don't Tell Ted

| Posted 08.17.2009 | Politics

Is it tragic or just plain ironic that health reform suffers along with Ted Kennedy? It was Kennedy, after all, who put Barack Obama on a winning path to the White House.

The Real Outrage of 'Death Panels'

| Posted 08.19.2009 | Politics

What's really irritating about Palin's proposal is that we have to have a law to reimburse doctors to talk to their patients. What?

My Health Plan

| Posted 08.19.2009 | Politics

If we can't have a public option, how can co-ops get the job done? Require everyone get health insurance and for those who can't afford private plans, give them coupons to be used only at co-ops.

A Plug Without Shame

| Posted 08.22.2009 | Healthy Living

A point of personal privilege, if I may. My best friend is surviving brain cancer. No, this is not a sad tale. Indeed, his prognosis looks good and there is an upside: He has finally started a blog

Kennedys Revisited

| Posted 08.26.2009 | Politics

Don't get me wrong, I love the Kennedys, I surely do. But the Lord Almighty made no harder rock than the stone he gave conservatives to toss at them.

The Best Kennedy Legacy

| Posted 08.27.2009 | Politics

I am honored to have written an upcoming book with the incomparable, indefatigable Helen Thomas. With no reservations we concluded that JFK was the best of our presidents in recent times.

What Will Someday Come to Pass

| Posted 08.29.2009 | Huffington Post

The saddest thing about Teddy's burial at Arlington on Saturday is that there were no brothers left to say what he said for RFK.

Name It Ted Care?

| Posted 08.31.2009 | Politics

Imagine the pressure it would put on wavering Democrats to name legislation creating public insurance after the man who spent his career fighting for it.