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Entries by Cristina Page from 01/2009

The Dissembler

| Posted 01.02.2009 | Politics

Hopefully, with the arrival of the Obama administration, Steven Mosher's ability to force his extremist views on the rest of the world will soon be over.

At Last, Prevention First

| Posted 01.15.2009 | Politics

Medical experts continually warned us during the Bush years that the abstinence-only approach would sow the seeds of ignorance in teenagers. Those seeds are finally bearing fruit.

Bush, Our Ex-Boyfriend

| Posted 01.18.2009 | Politics

Bush is the ex-boyfriend we've finally gotten out of our life only to discover he left an unpleasant souvenir, like an STD. A particularly nasty strain too, in the form of new HHS regulations.

Et tu, Barack?

| Posted 01.27.2009 | Politics

The ideology-plagued Republicans, and their media enablers, couldn't seem to figure out why unemployed Americans without health insurance would possibly want, or need, to prevent an unwanted pregnancy.

The 200 Million Dollar Question

| Posted 01.30.2009 | Politics

Republicans staged a temper tantrum last week over spending $200 million on contraceptive coverage. It turns out such a request wasn't even included in the stimulus.