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Entries by Crossover Dreams from 03/2009

Migrants R Us

| Posted 03.02.2009 | World

This is the inaugural post of a new series. We hope that this will broaden into a forum where people can share insights about international movements of people and the economic, social and political issues surrounding them.

Forgive Us Our Trespasses

| Posted 03.16.2009 | World

Why do some brand those who enter or stay in the U.S. without proper papers as "illegals"? The usual answer is: "They broke the law." In this sense, though, most of us are "illegals" one way or another.

The Profitability Of Inequality

| Posted 03.26.2009 | World

The current concept of the "illegal" person has its roots in the Black Codes, used to define who could be enslaved and who couldn't.

Does Maricopa Mussolini's Pink Underwear Fetish Threaten National Security?

| Posted 03.31.2009 | Politics

By Peter Costantini Sheriff Joe Arpaio's apparent erotic peccadilloes would be nobody's business if he limited himself to exercising them in private ...