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Entries by Cynthia Boaz from 06/2009

Framing the Green Revolution in Red

| Posted 06.16.2009 | Media

The Green Revolution is not just a series of ad hoc protests against a political theft, it is a story of widespread resistance to ongoing oppression.

Why Torturing to Prove Torturing is Wrong is Never Okay: A Note to Keith Olbermann

| Posted 06.17.2009 | Media

Reposted from on June 9, 2009: Although it has been several weeks since Keith Olbermann has used his MSNBC show as a pla...

Grand Ayatollah's pronouncement is sign of disintegrating regime

| Posted 06.17.2009 | World

In case you missed it, another blow to the Iranian regime's legitimacy was delivered yesterday when the Grand Ayatollah Montazeri issued a statement d...

The Green Revolution Belongs to the Iranians, Not the United States

| Posted 06.18.2009 | World

To seriously question the Iranians' ownership of their struggle serves the interests of a brutal regime and risks undermining the morale of individuals participating in a true peoples' movement.

It's People Power, not "Democratic Diddling" in Iran

| Posted 06.20.2009 | World

"I suppose that human beings looking at it would say that arms are the most dangerous things that a dictator, a tyrant needs to fear. But in fact, no ...

The Iranian Crackdown: Who's Really Afraid of Whom?

| Posted 06.24.2009 | World

Every time the regime represses, it further undermines its own power while simultaneously helping to recruit new members to the resistance.