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Entries by Cynthia Boaz from 07/2009

Independence Day for Everyone

| Posted 07.03.2009 | World

I remember as a child that whenever the 4th of July rolled around, I would try earnestly to reflect on the significance of the holiday. That is not an...

Why Michael Jackson's Death is Heartbreaking for me... Finally

| Posted 07.07.2009 | Entertainment

The Michael Jackson we wanted was an ideal. He was lonely, so we exploited it. He was kind, so we twisted it. He was brilliant, so we marginalized it. We were like bullies on the playground.

On Patriotism and Principle: An Open Letter to the President (aka "The GOP's Bridge to Anywhere But Here")

| Posted 07.22.2009 | Politics

Mr. President, talk to us directly. Tell us again why your election was only the first step, not the culmination, of a genuine movement to change the way we understand power, democracy, and our own roles in those phenomena.

The "Birthers" and Our Ailing Political Culture

| Posted 07.23.2009 | Politics

These birthers represent a small but vocal minority in this country who have somehow failed to grasp that American democracy is rooted in a set of principles, not a set of demographic characteristics.