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Entries by Dan Brown from 04/2008

Bloomberg's Budget Choices Hit Students Hardest

| Posted 04.07.2008 | Politics

The CEO mayor's logic may work in terms keeping a company's stock price afloat despite "belt-tightening" or lay-offs, but it doesn't fit one bit for schools.

Say What?! Bloomberg Compares Himself to Martin Luther King, Jr.

| Posted 04.08.2008 | Politics

No one slips and compares himself to Dr. King. This kind of comment betrays NYC Mayor Bloomberg's deeply out-of-touch relationship with the on-the-ground reality.

Pulitzer-Winner Junot Diaz's Brilliant American Metaphor

| Posted 04.09.2008 | Media

At the end of an interview last week with Newsweek, Diaz offered an incredibly incisive metaphor (if you're not a George W. Bush fan) when asked about the current immigration debate in America.

Watch This Two-Minute Music Video: "Not on the Test"

| Posted 04.23.2008 | Healthy Living

How can we get fairer, more comprehensive measurements of our kids' academic achievement? All the scorched-earth essays in the world can't completely...

Is This Primary Irreversibly Shredding the Democratic Party? I'm Skeptical.

| Posted 04.24.2008 | Politics

What may be uglier than the campaigns' recent below-the-belt jabs is the media's insistent pushing of the storyline that this protracted campaign is irreparably damaging the Dems' chances come November.