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Entries by Dan Solin from 06/2009

Smart Investor Makeover: Is Now the Time to Jump Back in the Market?

| Posted 06.02.2009 | Business

2009-06-03-solin1.jpg Depending on which economist you are watching, this is either the beginning of the end of the recession or a sucker's "bear market rally." What's an investor to do?

Smart Investor Makeover: Odds Are You are Gambling With Your Investments (Video)

| Posted 06.09.2009 | Business

2009-06-10-dansolin2.jpg The failure to fully understand the odds is one of the primary reasons why the average return for most investors is so dismal.

Flight To Safety: Is It Risky?

| Posted 06.15.2009 | Business
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"Risk free" Treasury Bills may be riskier than a mix of stocks and bonds for investors who want to preserve their living standards.

Smart Investor Makeover: The Risk of Not Knowing Your Risk (Video)

| Posted 06.17.2009 | Business

2009-06-17-solin3.jpg When investors got clobbered in 2008, the most common lament was: "I had no idea I could lose that much in the market."

A Quick and Easy Way to Increase Your Returns by 17%

| Posted 06.23.2009 | Business

2009-06-24-solin.jpgWhen it comes to reporting returns, actively managed mutual funds are engaged in an elaborate shell game. They report their returns pre-tax.

Smart Investor Makeover: Picking Hot Mutual Funds and Other Fables (Video)

| Posted 06.30.2009 | Business

2009-07-01-dsolin.jpg In this week's video, which is entitled "No Stars," I discuss the data you need to know to make informed decisions about mutual funds.