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Entries by Dan Solin from 12/2009

Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood

| Posted 12.01.2009 | Business

Active managers like John Rogers and others continue to make short term predictions about stocks. When they are proven wrong, they tell investors to take a long term view.

Don't Blame Yourself

| Posted 12.08.2009 | Business

Investors love to flagellate themselves. In retrospect, the crash of 2008 seems so predictable. After all, wasn't the housing bubble just waiting to burst?

Can You Compete Against These Guys?

| Posted 12.15.2009 | Business

Stock gurus do not exist. The success of stock pickers and market timers can be attributed to either luck or, as is alleged in the case against Zvi Goffer, the unlawful use of insider information.

Business Week or "Business Weak"?

| Posted 12.22.2009 | Business

Does selling magazines justify harming investors by writing irresponsible articles about the financial markets? Apparently, Business Week believes it does.

FINRA: A Wily Fox Guarding Your Nest Egg

| Posted 12.29.2009 | Business
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FINRA is supposed to be an independent regulator for all securities firms doing business in the United States. But in reality, it is a shill for the securities industry.