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Entries by Dan Solin from 10/2010

A Novel Investing Strategy From the WSJ

| Posted 10.05.2010 | Business
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Many investors take the WSJ seriously. So when I read a column by Brett Arends entitled, "You Should Have Timed the Market," it caught my attention. It's sad this kind of musing passes for financial advice in a prominent financial newspaper.

Jim Cramer's Shame Meter Is Broken

| Posted 10.12.2010 | Business

Cramer outlines a recommended trading strategy, but doesn't tell investors how to implement this strategy. The movement of stock prices is random, often driven by tomorrow's news, which no one knows.

John Elway's Tackle Masks a Bigger Scandal

| Posted 10.19.2010 | Business

The notion that there is a guru out there who can pick stocks or time the market has cost Americans trillions of dollars. The charade continues every day in brokerage offices across the country.

Time for a Reality Check

| Posted 10.26.2010 | Business
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How you dealt with your investments between October 9, 2007 and March 9, 2009 is indicative of everything that is wrong with the securities industry and why you need to fundamentally change the way you invest.