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Entries by Dan Sweeney from 07/2008

What Jesse Jackson Said Was A-OK

| Posted 07.10.2008 | Politics

What Jackson said really wasn't that vulgar for political circles. Any of you ever have a chance to talk with deeply political animals totally off the record? It is stunning.

Clearly, They'll Say Barack Obama Is a Muslim

| Posted 07.21.2008 | Politics

After a solid week in which John McCain has epically failed to take the headlines off Barack Obama's trip to the Middle East, and how the prevailing m...

Richard Cohen: Squealing Porcine Quisling, or just Gone Native?

| Posted 07.29.2008 | Politics

I started this morning as I do almost every morning: Groaning loudly, waking my wife, vaguely fumbling for some Advil, waiting for my wife to get it f...

Paging Karl Rove: U.S. District Judge Sides With Congress

| Posted 07.31.2008 | Politics

Yesterday, Rove dismissed the Judiciary Committee's contempt recommendation as "ludicrous." Today, he continues his inexorable slide toward actually having to show up on Congress' doorstep.