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Entries by Daniel Altschuler from 09/2009

Tense Standoff in the Run-Up to Honduran Elections

| Posted 09.10.2009 | World

The region now wishes to send a strong message that military intervention in domestic politics in this part of the world will never be legitimate.

Independence Day Celebrations Reveal Deep Divisions in Honduras

| Posted 09.18.2009 | World

The pro-Micheletti event, despite its title, amounted to little more than a military parade. In the stadium, people cheered enthusiastically as planes passed overhead and soldiers marched.

Honduran Leaders Fumble, Crisis Worsens

| Posted 09.30.2009 | World

In the current Honduran stand-off, Roberto Micheletti and Manuel Zelaya have shown themselves to be political novices without the maturity and intellect to guide this country out of this crisis.

The Rural Population is the Third Face of Honduras in this Crisis

| Posted 09.30.2009 | World

The third, rural face of Honduras virtually never protests and maintains little contact with political institutions except when handouts arrive at peasants' doorsteps, sometimes in exchange for votes.