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Entries by Daniel Cubias from 12/2008

It's Not An Alias: Why I Changed My Name

| Posted 12.07.2008 | Style

My birth name is Anglo, an English-Irish term that does not line up with my obviously, shall we say, ethnic appearance. I didn't like the name because it was too white. It didn't fit me.

The S and W Words: A Slur is not a Compliment

| Posted 12.14.2008 | Style

If I'm going to ask white people to refrain from verbal hooliganism, it's only fair that I don't turn around and refer to an Anglo person as white trash because I'm, you know, dark-skinned and stuff.

"Witnesses Described Him as Brown": The Racial Insecurity of Watching the News

| Posted 12.27.2008 | Media

The association between race and crime, of course, goes back to our cultural foundations, and it is hard-wired even within minorities.