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Entries by Danny Groner from 05/2010

Next to Normal: Broadway's Different Family

| Posted 05.04.2010 | New York

Next to Normal begins with a show tune you'd expect: one that showcases "just another day" in the Goodman household. Only later do you discover that this average family is not so typical.

Top 5 Most Surprising Comedians to Perform at the White House Correspondents' Association Dinner

| Posted 05.09.2010 | Entertainment

While no comedians before have matched the level of opposition and intrigue that Colbert and Leno generated more recently, this list of prior entertainers at the press dinner might amaze you.

Vanity Fair's Coverage of the White House State Dinner: A Namedropping Guide

| Posted 05.12.2010 | Media

The author was obviously trying to put the 2009 dinner in context with how previous years' affairs went. But he may have gotten a bit carried away in including quite so many characters, even as afterthoughts.

Fun-Filled Rock of Ages' Knowing Concert Escort

| Posted 05.16.2010 | New York

The best thing about Rock of Ages is that it nods knowingly at the audience in ways no other show does. The show is a re-interpretation of the experience of being at the theater.

The Best Writing About Lost Leading up to Sunday's Final Episode

| Posted 05.21.2010 | Entertainment

Bloggers and critics around the world are writing their final farewells and tributes to the show that has intrigued and debilitated them for the past six seasons. Here are excerpts from the best columns on why "Lost" was so beloved.

Hair: A Revival of Youth and Hippyism

| Posted 05.27.2010 | New York

Hair should be judged on the power of its singing and dancing, not the narrative that strings the two together.

Viral Videos and the Alabama Elections

| Posted 05.30.2010 | Media

In Saturday's New York Times, Gail Collins gives a summary of viral videos that have gone around over the past month leading up to Tuesday's Republica...