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Entries by Dave Johnson from 08/2006

Why Liberals Love Pedophiles

| Posted 08.06.2006 | Entertainment
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Because right-wingers say so - that's why. How often do you hear one or another variation of the message that liberals are bad and conservatives are ...

Just Get Rid Of Government?

| Posted 08.13.2006 | Politics
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Democracy is about one-person-one-vote and not about one-dollar-one-vote. History has proven that systems based on the Right's dream of one-dollar-one-vote just do not work.

Blame Dems for Partisanship?

| Posted 08.15.2006 | Politics
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People really are fed up with the rabid partisanship and nothing getting done for the public, and the Republicans understand this -- that's why they're being such rabid partisans.

Behind the Front: The Creation of Vets for Freedom

| Posted 08.15.2006 | Politics
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Over and over again we see well-financed, politically-connected front-groups, posing as something they're not, insulating their real backers from exposure and criticism.

Terror Alerts Causing General Racist Reaction

| Posted 08.20.2006 | Huffington Post

Is this just a conservative build-up to the election -- or the beginnings of something worse?

Reaching Low-Information Voters

| Posted 08.23.2006 | Politics
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It's so important to understand that we are not the audience we need to reach. We think that others know what we know.

Iran And The Price Of Oil

| Posted 08.25.2006 | Politics
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If Iran is a threat, maybe the Republicans should give us some reason to think they believe this themselves before they ask us to believe them.

Did Paul Galanti Sell His Medals?

| Posted 08.28.2006 | Politics
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Paul Galanti earned our respect. But he is lending his good name and allowing his reputation to be used to smear other veterans who also served their country.