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Entries by Dave Johnson from 12/2006

Democracy and Corporations

| Posted 12.03.2006 | Politics
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Corporations are a creation of the people, through our government and laws, and the people have the right to say what corporations can and can not do.

Let's Give Ourselves Health Care and a Raise

| Posted 12.06.2006 | Politics
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Whose job IS it to provide for higher wages and health care? It is OUR job - the people - through OUR laws and regulations. WE are the ones who have dropped the ball on higher wages and health care.

OUR Tax Dollars At Work

| Posted 12.09.2006 | Politics
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The press release reads like a parallel universe of a weird cult. My wife says it's like Dr. Who, and you travel in the Tardis and arrive in America in 2006 in December, but everything is strange.

Building a Progressive Movement - If Each Of Us Gave $100

| Posted 12.13.2006 | Huffington Post

We could END the dominance of big money if each of us gave at least $100 to progressive organizations.

It's Not The Bloggers, It's The Blogs

| Posted 12.14.2006 | Huffington Post

If it makes you uncomfortable that the rabble is allowed to speak and express their opinions you need to think about your own understanding of and commitment to democracy.

Are Progressives Good? Then TELL PEOPLE!

| Posted 12.15.2006 | Politics
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People respond to marketing, and conservatives have been marketing their cause while progressives have not. This has been going on for decades.

Who is Our Economy FOR, Anyway?

| Posted 12.17.2006 | Politics
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In the United States there is no legal minimum number of vacation days for workers. I guess we're all supposed to be thankful to the rich for "giving us jobs."

News For Democrats: Health Insurance Companies WILL Oppose Your Plan Anyway

| Posted 12.26.2006 | Politics
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Here is some free advice to legislators. Don't even bother including private insurance companies in your plans.