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Entries by Dave Johnson from 10/2007

A Bad Ad In A Teachable Moment

| Posted 10.05.2007 | Politics

People are upset that Bush is vetoing this bill, but they do not understand the deeper ideological principals behind what is happening to them.

Do Taxes 'Hurt'? Is Government Bad?

| Posted 10.07.2007 | Politics

Are taxes really an affliction? Is government really a negative force in society? Let's step back from the affliction frame for a second and take a different look at the idea of taxes and government.

Things Change When We Realize WE Are the Government

| Posted 10.11.2007 | Politics

Government is not some "them" out there, like the conservatives want you to think - government is you, and me, and all of us in this together, for each other.

New Republican "NASCAR" Smear On Democrats

| Posted 10.13.2007 | Politics

Republicans are circulating a new smear, saying that Democratic Congressional staffers advised aides to get vaccinations before visiting NASCAR events.

Live Blogging the San Mateo Country Presidential Straw Poll

| Posted 10.21.2007 | Politics

I am at the San Mateo County Expo Center, where they are conducting a Presidential Straw Poll today. This is a large room and it is packed. It loo...

Is Greed Good?

| Posted 10.23.2007 | Politics

After being shocked by the "greed is good" philosophy, much of the public instead buys into the consumer culture of greed and self-interest. How has this change come about?

Obama's New Ad Could Help Kill Social Security

| Posted 10.29.2007 | Politics

Obama is running ads reinforcing the right's bamboozlement that Social Security is running out of money.