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Entries by Dave Johnson from 11/2007

The Power of the Words "We, the People"

| Posted 11.01.2007 | Politics

Try substituting the words, "We, the People" every time you use the word "government." This changes the way we understand the relationship between our government and ourselves, doesn't it?

Such Is The Power of Propaganda

| Posted 11.06.2007 | Politics

Why does "everyone know" that Social Security will need to be restructured? Because it has been repeated so often that people believe it is true.

What I Expect In 2008

| Posted 11.09.2007 | Politics

Republicans are laying the negative messaging groundwork today. Do you see Democrats understanding any of this, or doing anything to lay down a foundation to counter it and prime voters for their own campaign?

Senator Obama, Please Stop Echoing Right-Wing Lies About Social Security!

| Posted 11.11.2007 | Politics

The right's line is that Social Security is in crisis, is "not going to be there" for the next generation, and "tough choices" are required.

Good Lord, Democrats, Don't You See What's Coming?

| Posted 11.13.2007 | Politics

Why aren't Democrats and progressives out there NOW with a counter-narrative, explaining to the public why conservatives and their ideology are bad for America?

Do Tax Cuts Really Help The Economy?

| Posted 11.21.2007 | Politics

Conservatives like to say that taxes hurt the economy. That they "take money out of the economy." But is this really what happens?