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Entries by Dave Johnson from 12/2007

Housing Crash - Is Your Money Safe?

| Posted 12.01.2007 | Business

Fallout from the bursting of the housing bubble is rippling further and further out. In the last few days three state government funds have realized t...

What The Reagan/Bush Debt Means To You

| Posted 12.08.2007 | Politics

As I write this, the U.S. national debt is about $9.17 trillion dollars. Don't for a minute think that you do not owe that money.

The Line at the DMV

| Posted 12.12.2007 | Politics

By Dave Johnson for Speak Out California Two previous posts explored the outline of the California state budget, and the process by which the budget ...

Fighting An "Emergency" With One Hand Tied Behind Our Backs

| Posted 12.19.2007 | Politics

CA is well along the path to second-class status. All we need to do is visit our schools or drive on our roads to see what the drumbeat of anti-tax, budget-cutting propaganda brings us.

The Republican 2008 Plan Is Revealed

| Posted 12.20.2007 | Politics

They don't want the government functioning, and if they must have it they want it doing their bidding -- funneling cash to their cronies and protecting the corporations from the citizenry.

On Requiring Voters To Show ID At The Polls

| Posted 12.26.2007 | Politics

We, the People are in charge here and we do not have to prove to anyone that we are citizens.