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Entries by Dave Johnson from 01/2008

The Appeal of Ron Paul

| Posted 01.03.2008 | Politics

Ron Paul says the war is wrong and illegal and must be stopped. He says we have to enforce the Constitution above all. And surprise of surprises, he is drawing support.

The Republican Nightmare: Youth and Minorities Showing Up And Voting

| Posted 01.04.2008 | Politics

Brown is in. It isn't an all-white party anymore. Minorities have historically been low-turnout and consequently haven't received much political powe...

Do Taxes Drive The Economy?

| Posted 01.09.2008 | Politics

Do taxes drive the economy? California's governor says the state is in a budget crisis. He says we need to cut the state's spending "across-the-boa...

Was The NH Vote Hacked?

| Posted 01.10.2008 | Politics

New Hampshire used paper ballots that are scanned by Diebold scanners. The name Diebold sets off alarms. But the ballots are paper and can be counted to see what the voters intended.

A Budget Shock Attack

| Posted 01.15.2008 | Politics

When people are shocked and worried they will accept solutions that might not be what they would accept if they had time to think and consider all reasonable alternatives.

Republicans and Economies

| Posted 01.23.2008 | Politics

Ladies and gentlemen, there was a REASON that Americans were loath to elect a Republican into the government for an entire generation after the Great ...

Another Anti-Government Propaganda E-Mail

| Posted 01.25.2008 | Politics

These stories carry a profoundly anti-democracy message, intended to make people think that somehow privatizing government functions to corporations would be better for us.

What Does Corporate Control Of Media Mean?

| Posted 01.26.2008 | Media

When was the last time you heard, read or saw anyone in the major media explain the benefits of joining a union?

The Public Interest

| Posted 01.30.2008 | Politics

The institutions under attack by conservatives today -- almost everything with "public" or "community" in its name -- evolved over time as the best solutions to common problems.