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Entries by Dave Johnson from 02/2008

Primary Election Day Thoughts

| Posted 02.05.2008 | Politics

Young people voting for the first time today don't know about a time when the people were considered to be the owners of the state's and country's resources.

Taxes and Unions Got Us Out Of the Depression

| Posted 02.08.2008 | Politics

I wonder why no one has pointed out the real reason the Republicans filibustered the "stimulus bill" this week?

Driving A Wedge

| Posted 02.10.2008 | Media

When a story is featured at the Drudge Report, you always have to ask why, and ask what is the right wing's intent behind getting this story into circulation.

Political Suicide

| Posted 02.12.2008 | Politics

The reality is that the budget cannot be fixed with budget cuts or more borrowing. We need to increase taxes.

The Stories You Will Be Seeing In The News

| Posted 02.14.2008 | Media

Think up something that will divide the Democrats and cause a lot of hurt, hopefully to the point where many voters will decide not to even vote.

Bring Back Protectionism

| Posted 02.17.2008 | Business

Corporations are able to get their way by intimidating employees with the fear of losing our jobs to outsourcing, and intimidate governments by threatening to move to lower wage countries.

Creating Demand For Progressive Candidates And Policies

| Posted 02.18.2008 | Politics

If we really want long-term, structural changes in the way the public votes, the way to do this is to reach them outside of the electoral process.

Tax And Budget Priorities: Schools No, Yachts Yes

| Posted 02.19.2008 | Politics

Do you know about the California yacht tax loophole? Here is how it works: Regular people like you and me have to pay sales taxes on the things we bu...

Reflections On Corporations

| Posted 02.27.2008 | Business

Under our laws, corporations are fictional persons with certain rights. They can own assets, employ agents and engage in contracts just like people. But unlike you or me, they have none of the responsibilities.

Reflections On Corporations II - Corporate Philanthropy

| Posted 02.28.2008 | Business

The massing of assets and resources into corporate hands takes away the people's ability to decide to build museums and fund schools.