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Entries by Dave Johnson from 03/2008

A Line In The Sand -- Stop Cutting School Budgets

| Posted 03.05.2008 | Politics

Governor Schwarzenegger has declared a "fiscal emergency" and is asking the legislature to solve the problem entirely with budget cuts.

How Does This Help Democrats Win?

| Posted 03.08.2008 | Politics

When you run a scorched-earth primary campaign you reduce the chances of keeping people motivated. You also give tremendous ammunition to the opposition.

Choices on Taking and Giving Back

| Posted 03.11.2008 | Politics

Today in California we are facing a budget shortfall. And instead of asking oil companies and others to give back a bit we are on the verge of deciding instead to cut our school budget.

Oil Tax Defeated, School Budget To Be Cut -- What You Can Do

| Posted 03.13.2008 | Politics

The people of California need to understand that a choice was made yesterday to continue to be the only state that allows oil companies to pump our oil and not pay anything for it.

From Take Back America - Monday

| Posted 03.17.2008 | Politics

I am at the Take Back America conference in Washington DC. One common discussion here at Take Back America is that conservative economic policy chick...

Take Back America - Tuesday

| Posted 03.18.2008 | Politics

This was originally posted at Speak Out California I am at the Take Back America conference in Washington DC. This is an annual gathering of a coupl...

Stuck in Atlanta 24 Hours - Airline Says Too Bad For You

| Posted 03.20.2008 | Business

My flight from Washington DC to Atlanta landed late. The connection to San Francisco still wasn't due to take off for a few minutes but the airline (...

Conservatives Opposed To Rule Of Law, Our Constitution and Good Education

| Posted 03.25.2008 | Politics

Isn't "Judicial Supremacy," as Newt Gingrich puts it, really just another way of saying that we agree to follow "rule of law?"

Why Have A Union?

| Posted 03.28.2008 | Business

Why should you join a union? I've been looking around online for info and arguments to help make the case, and here is a compilation of some of them....