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Entries by Dave Johnson from 07/2008

The Spying Started Before September 11 -- That's The Whole Point

| Posted 07.05.2008 | Politics

Despite what the LA Times said on Saturday, spying actually started a few weeks after Bush took office -- at a time when the administration was ignoring the terrorist threat.

When Seniors Are the Product

| Posted 07.07.2008 | Business

Imagine finding out that your elderly parents were being mistreated or neglected. You'd think an investment fund like Lazard would pay attention when their customers were demanding better care, right?

Extreme Wealth Just Isn't Enough

| Posted 07.08.2008 | Business

Wasserstein and Lazard need to get their greed under control, take responsibility for their own actions, and stop cutting services and raising rates at Atria.

Living and Working at Atria

| Posted 07.09.2008 | Business

We are people, not economic units, and there is a difference. This may be a difficult concept to grasp after three or four decades of constant corporate-funded "free market" propaganda.

Computer Voting Machine Security -- Prove It

| Posted 07.10.2008 | Politics

I have been looking at the issue of computerized voting machine security for several years, and want to write about it today. Many people have pointe...

Gouging Vulnerable Seniors -- What Can Be done?

| Posted 07.10.2008 | Business

This is part four of an unfolding series on the Atria Senior Living chain of senior living facilities, and how they treat their residents and workers....

Atria Lazard Wasserstein Friday Recap

| Posted 07.11.2008 | Business

So far this week, in the unfolding story of Atria Senior Living, Bermuda-based (HA!) buyout firm Lazard and the really, really rich guy at the top of ...

Right Develops Economy Blame Narrative

| Posted 07.13.2008 | Politics

The right is orchestrating a campaign to blame Democrats for the economic collapse. In cases like this it is often a matter of being the first out th...

Who Is the Corporation?

| Posted 07.14.2008 | Business

I have been writing about Atria Senior Living, owned by a "Lazard-affiliate." Atria is big a chain of facilities where elderly people live. It offer...

How You Can Help Atria Residents and Workers

| Posted 07.15.2008 | Politics

Last week in Gouging Vulnerable Seniors -- What Can Be Done? I wrote about two big pension funds that have invested in the "Lazard affiliate" that own...

The Campain for Assisted Living and the Bigger Picture

| Posted 07.16.2008 | Politics

I have been writing about the Campaign to Improve Assisted Living -- please visit their website. I'd like to talk about the larger picture. The ot...

Back To The Vulnerable Elderly

| Posted 07.17.2008 | Business

Atria Senior Living and Lazard -- I've been writing about bigger-picture issues but today I'd like to go back where this started, to the most vulnera...

"Who Sent You?" -- The Coming Attack on Obama

| Posted 07.21.2008 | Politics

At least one major right-wing smear attack on Obama may be gearing up. I'll call it the "Who Sent You" campaign. As weird as it sounds -- and it is ...

Republicans See The Public As Losers and Whiners

| Posted 07.31.2008 | Politics

Republicans hate government by the people. According to them, if you are not rich you are a "loser" who deserves nothing because you are not "contributing" to the corporate economy.