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Entries by Dave Johnson from 02/2009


| Posted 02.12.2009 | Politics

We can see clearly now just how foolish and destructive the right-wing machine has been to our economic, social and political values.

Putting Kids In Jail For Profit

| Posted 02.13.2009 | Politics

In Pennsylvania they caught two judges jailing kids for profit. I think it would be a good idea to look into all situations of people of all ages being sentenced to any privately-run facility.

Revive The Fairness Doctrine

| Posted 02.15.2009 | Politics

Let's start a discussion about reviving the Fairness Doctrine to re-introduce the commons and the idea that we tell the corporations what to do! A fe...

Who Is Our Government For?

| Posted 02.24.2009 | Politics

dday, writing in Giving Away The Tax Argument at Digby's Hullabaloo blog, asks why so many California newspapers have "tax increase calculators" but n...


| Posted 02.26.2009 | Business

I asked a friend if she thought people would join a union where she works. She said "I think everyone would be too scared." But a recent survey foun...