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Entries by Dave Johnson from 04/2009

We Need To Tell The Public, Too

| Posted 04.02.2009 | Politics

Here is something that you and I know to be true: progressive values and policies are better for people than conservative values and policies. Progr...

The HR 875 Food Safety Modernization Act Scare

| Posted 04.03.2009 | Green


Accountability Means Investigate and Prosecute!

| Posted 04.04.2009 | Politics

Watch this. "What would happen if after a plane crashes we said, "Oh, we don't want to look in the past, we want to be forward looking." No, we have...

Update on RealDVD vs MPAA

| Posted 04.06.2009 | Business

I've been following on my blog the story of the movie industry (MPAA) lawsuit to keep RealDVD off the market and why you care. I wrote about business...

Corporate Corruption: So Obvious - How To End It

| Posted 04.07.2009 | Politics

A company (or industry) makes a tremendous amount of money by scamming us, screwing us, stealing from us, killing us, poisoning us, destroying our env...

The Innovative Movie Industry

| Posted 04.10.2009 | Business

I have been writing about the MPAA vs RealDVD case. MPAA vs RealDVD goes to court April 24. This is the movie industry trying to keep a program off ...

Take The Right Seriously, Please

| Posted 04.13.2009 | Politics

The right may appear to be crazy -- and they are -- but this doesn't mean it isn't going to work. Let me explain. In another life I was involved in direct mail -- I learned a lot.

A Warning About The Tea Parties

| Posted 04.14.2009 | Politics

The tea parties are not "spontaneous" or "grassroots." They are another corporate-funded campaign to trick people into supporting more cut taxes for the rich.

Tea Party Contradictions

| Posted 04.16.2009 | Politics

Let's take a look at yesterday's tea parties.   I am hearing from people who attended tea parties around the country that the people who sho...

Don't Blame Me, I Didn't Vote For Anything

| Posted 04.21.2009 | Politics

In California, the Republicans in Sacramento refused to vote for any budget, saying each budget didn't cut spending enough, while also refusing to spe...

Public Still Trusts Corporations More Than Self-Government

| Posted 04.23.2009 | Politics

Marketing works.  But we already knew that.  Big business has been marketing the idea that corporations making decisions for us is better th...

On Jerry Brown's Campaign For California Governor

| Posted 04.26.2009 | Politics

Jerry's campaign will force a conversation that will clarify for the country that the "dirty hippies" were right, that we need to learn to ignore the mocking that is a primary weapon of the corporate right.