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Entries by Dave Johnson from 05/2009

Today's Housing Bubble Post: Back To Issuing Warnings

| Posted 05.02.2009 | Business

As long as a house is considered an "investment" instead of a place to live for a long time, we will continue to be in a world of hurt. Real estate does not always go up.

Government Empowers and Protects Us

| Posted 05.07.2009 | Politics

Watch this great video: The video is funny, but it makes a point: We need government.  Republicans say "government is the problem" but just who i...

They Distributed Loss Reserves as Bonuses, so We Pay the Losses as Bailouts

| Posted 05.18.2009 | Business

The money from selling these credit default swaps was supposed to be set aside as reserves to cover potential losses, but was instead handed out as profits and bonuses.

Are California Voters "Anti-Government?"

| Posted 05.26.2009 | Politics

Newt Gingrich is a father of Republican nasty-talk.

California Election Results -- What The Public Wants

| Posted 05.28.2009 | Politics

Did the results of the special election on the budget propositions really show that the public is against taxes and government, as the Republicans cla...