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Entries by Dave Johnson from 01/2010

Washington Post Joins Wall Street Sneak-Attack On Social Security

| Posted 01.06.2010 | Media

At the end of the year the Washington Post published as "news" a story that pushed the idea of "a special commission to make the tough decisions that will be required to dig the nation out of debt."

Why Is Moving A Factory Called "Trade"?

| Posted 01.07.2010 | Politics

Moving trade overseas is just a way of evading the public structures that helped the company grow large enough to outsource labor in the first place.

Will Supreme Court Rule For One-Dollar-One-Vote?

| Posted 01.09.2010 | Politics

The Supreme Court could say as soon as Monday that corporate executives are free to use huge amounts of corporate resources to directly influence elections. If this happens, it will fundamentally change the way our elections are decided.

Another Jobs Disappointment With No Clear Path Forward

| Posted 01.14.2010 | Politics

A policy to help our economy doesn't have to be at the expense of others. It can be a policy to help bring workers in other countries up to our standards.

Threaten To Destroy The Country -- Media Calls You a "Centrist"

| Posted 01.15.2010 | Media

Currently there is a proposal being floated for a "debt commission" structured to force solutions to the national debt without the cumbersome processes of democracy getting in the way.

Who Will Make The Case For Government And Democracy?

| Posted 01.20.2010 | Politics

The blogs and airwaves are full of explanations for the MA Senate special election's outcome, mostly involving people being upset at particulars of th...

Monopoly Corporatocracy Replaces Democracy

| Posted 01.21.2010 | Politics

The Supreme Court has ruled 5-4 to make George W. Bush President allow large corporations to spend as much as needed to place their candidates in offi...

How To End Corporate Domination Of Government - And Our Lives

| Posted 01.22.2010 | Politics

The Supreme Court yesterday allowed corporate executives to tap into their company's resources and use that money to directly influence elections inst...

Supreme Court Shifts Business Playing Field Away From Marketplace

| Posted 01.23.2010 | Business

The marketplace is now irrelevant - only company size matters. It is just more efficient to beat your competitors by buying legislation than it is by competing in the marketplace.

Was Landrieu Senate Phone Bugging a Foreign Espionage Operation?

| Posted 01.27.2010 | Politics

If you were looking to get intelligence info, who would be more obvious to turn to than the true believers of the conservative movement? These clucks will believe literally anything if it's worded correctly.

America's Competitors Will Use Supreme Court Ruling To Block Our Green Jobs Effort And Close Our Factories

| Posted 01.29.2010 | Business

We must rally and take back control of our democracy and our future. This Supreme Court decision must be countered with immediate legislation or it means the loss of so many things that we value.