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Entries by Dave Johnson from 06/2010

Why the Deficit Dominates DC Thinking

| Posted 06.01.2010 | Politics

The propaganda campaign falsely claiming that Obama is to blame for America's massive deficit is to be expected from the right: it's what they do. But why has this campaign gone unanswered?

Tax Cuts Caused The Deficits, Therefore...

| Posted 06.02.2010 | Politics

Everyone understands that restoring top tax rates to pre-Reagan levels and cutting the military budget in half would solve the problem completely. But we can't do that. We can't even discuss it.

Conservatives Call For Massive Deficits To Create JOBS

| Posted 06.10.2010 | Business

This post originally appeared at Campaign for America's Future (CAF) at their Blog for OurFuture. I am a Fellow with CAF. Saying that the Obama "sti...

Deficit Cutters: Here's Your First Trillion

| Posted 06.14.2010 | Politics

The country is looking for ways to cut spending and borrowing. Yet military spending, the biggest spending item in the budget, is barely part of the discussion because of the amount of campaign and lobbying dollars it generates.

Reagan Revolution Home to Roost -- In Charts

| Posted 06.15.2010 | Business

It seems that you can look at a chart of almost anything and right around 1981 or soon after you'll see the chart make a sharp change in direction, and probably not in a good way.

Obama's Speech Tonight -- The Carter Context

| Posted 06.15.2010 | Politics


Deficit Commission Co-Chair: Social Security T-Bills Have "Been Used"

| Posted 06.18.2010 | Business

The plan was to force a perception of a debt emergency to stampede people into accepting a dismantling of government that works for We, the People, and provides for us, empowers us and protects us. We can't let them get away with it.

Drill Baby Drill Judge Pits Mega-Corporations Against The Rest Of Us

| Posted 06.23.2010 | Politics

The industry is infuriated that government is "interfering' in their profit-making enterprise. Their oil is under our water and they want it now.

Will Jobs Filibuster Be Reported As Emergency It Is?

| Posted 06.24.2010 | Politics

If a filibuster happens in the forest and no one is told about it, did it really happen? The GOP is said to be ready to filibuster the bill extending jobless benefits today. Will this be reported as the national emergency that it is?

Misunderstanding the Deficit Could Land Us in a Depression

| Posted 06.24.2010 | Politics

The public thinks Obama's policies created a huge deficit. Never mind it was Bush's deficit. This misunderstanding is leading Washington to take steps that will throw the economy into depression.

Reaching The Wrongest Conclusion About Unions!

| Posted 06.26.2010 | Business

A letter-writer in my local paper today reaches the wrongest possible conclusion and demonstrates the core of the conservative ideological argument: All the benefits of our economy go to the top few at the expense of the rest of us.

The Real Deficit Is Jobs!

| Posted 06.29.2010 | Business

The real deficit is jobs. That is one more of those things that everyone can see in front of their faces, but we're told it isn't what it is.

Chinese Paper Subsidies: Boring? Jobs: Not Boring!

| Posted 06.30.2010 | Business

China is subsidizing its paper industry and now is the largest producer of paper and paper products. This has cost jobs, and approximately 400,000 remaining American jobs are at risk.