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Entries by Dave Johnson from 07/2010


| Posted 07.04.2010 | Politics

In 1776 democracy and government by the people were literally revolutionary concepts but even now they continue to face constant attack from the interests of concentrated wealth.

If You Feed Them They Breed -- And Other Dehumanizing Conservative Idiocy We Should Ignore

| Posted 07.06.2010 | Politics

Conservatives are throwing out every argument against helping the economy to see if any of them stick. The latest nonsense they are spreading is that helping the unemployed keeps them from finding jobs.

Too Old For A Job, Too Young For Medicare Or Social Security

| Posted 07.07.2010 | Politics

It's near-impossible to get a job or health insurance if you are over 50. I wonder what the effect would be if the government started again enforcing its own rules on age discrimination and contracting.

Underemployed And Didn't Have Health Insurance ...

| Posted 07.09.2010 | Politics

This post originally appeared at Campaign for America's Future (CAF) at I am a Fellow with CAF. I just talked to an old friend yester...

Deficits: Get The Money From Where The Money Went

| Posted 07.12.2010 | Politics

Don't fall for it. Social Security did not contribute to the deficits or debt; it ran a huge surplus. That surplus was supposed to be set aside. Instead, it was handed out to the very wealthy as tax cuts.

Wait, Who Said We Want Less Government Protecting And Empowering Us?

| Posted 07.13.2010 | Politics

Conservatives cut taxes on the rich, and then spend the next 30 years saying, "OK, now you have to do your part and cut the things government does for the people."

Make Them Work -- Citizens as "The Help"

| Posted 07.14.2010 | Politics

"If you let them have any dignity they might get uppity." That is what conservatives sound like when they talk about the long-term unemployed -- who, by the way, are out of work because of conservative policies.

Alan Greenspan And Things Forgotten

| Posted 07.17.2010 | Business

In the 80's Alan Greenspan's Social Security Commission raised taxes and cut benefits on working people, providing a huge amount of revenue which was then handed out as tax cuts for the rich. Now he wants people to forget this. Don't.

President Obama, Make Congress Stay in DC Until They Pass Jobs Legislation

| Posted 07.20.2010 | Politics

We have a jobs emergency and the Congress has not acted. The Congress is planning to go on recess in August and the President has the power to make them stay until robust jobs legislation is passed.

Shouldn't High Unemployment = Less Work to Do?

| Posted 07.27.2010 | Business

Modern business has become very efficient at job elimination. Who will be able to buy the TVs that the employee-eliminating factory makes, if all the employees are eliminated and have no income?

Harry -- Roll Out The Cots! Again And Again And Again!

| Posted 07.29.2010 | Politics

This post originally appeared at Campaign for America's Future (CAF) at their Blog for OurFuture. I am a Fellow with CAF. Dear Senate Majority Leade...

Even Wall Street Agrees: Government Should Borrow To Invest

| Posted 07.30.2010 | Business

If our government "stimulus" continues to push consumption -- i.e. tax cuts -- instead of spending that invests in infrastructure, education and health care, things can only get worse.

The Strengthen Social Security Campaign

| Posted 07.31.2010 | Politics

Social Security is once again under attack. Time after time Social Security has come under attack. Do you remember the Bush "privatization" campai...