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Entries by Dave Johnson from 11/2010

China's Goverment Helps Manufacturers, Economy Booms. Ours, Not So Much.

| Posted 11.01.2010 | Business

As an election strategy conservatives blocked or watered down everything they could that might help the economy, hoping voters would blame the Presid...

Bloggers Were Right: It WAS Jobs, Jobs, Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

| Posted 11.02.2010 | Politics

The voters are punishing the politicians who listened to the same old DC elite pundits and campaign consultants and party insiders who demanded "austerity" cutbacks for We, the People.

A Look at the Military Budget Through Social Security Eyes

| Posted 11.04.2010 | Politics

Unlike Social Security, the military budget has never generated revenue to pay for itself. We just pay it out of our taxes.

Tea Party Test: Korea Free Trade Agreement

| Posted 11.04.2010 | Business

The "Tea Party" will face many tests when the new Congress convenes next year. Everyone is asking, how long will it take before the Tea Party officeholders are co-opted by the big money insiders? "Free Trade" is one of those tests.

Tea Party Betrayed Already?

| Posted 11.07.2010 | Politics

So, how's that new Tea Party Congress working out for Tea Party supporters who expected that the lobbyists were going to be cleared out, the "too-big-to-fail" Wall Street banks brought under control and laws enforced?

From Tea Party Hero to DC Insider in a Week

| Posted 11.10.2010 | Politics

While campaigning, Rand Paul took the Tea Party position against earmarks, seeking a "ban on wasteful earmark spending." One week after the election, Paul says he will fight for Kentucky's federal pork.

Businesses Do Not Create Jobs

| Posted 11.12.2010 | Business

Businesses do not create jobs. In fact, the way our economy is structured the incentive is for businesses to get rid of as many jobs as they can. Demand creates jobs.

Did the Rich Cause the Deficit?

| Posted 11.19.2010 | Politics

The oft-repeated idea that taxes "take money out of the economy" has become so ingrained that there is no discussion at all, it is just accepted as a given. It is "conventional wisdom," but it is a fact?

The Shock Doctrine Push to Gut Social Security and Middle Class

| Posted 11.22.2010 | Politics

A recent Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research report showed that an overwhelming 69% of voters agreed that "politicians should keep their hands off Social Security and Medicare" when they address the deficit.

Does It Matter What the Public Wants or Needs?

| Posted 11.23.2010 | Politics

This post originally appeared at Campaign for America's Future (CAF) at their Blog for OurFuture as part of the Making It In America project. I am a ...

Tax the Rich: A Deficit Plan That Doesn't Hit We, the People

| Posted 11.26.2010 | Politics

Unlike deficit plans from the "serious people" in D.C., this one doesn't annihilate the poor and gut Social Security and the middle class while passing even more of the benefits of our society up to a few at the top.

Dare Call It Sabotage?

| Posted 11.30.2010 | Politics

Are they there to govern, of just destroy? As Washington works through its "lame duck" session and prepares for next year's new Congress, there are s...