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Entries by Dave Johnson from 03/2011

America Waking up to Value of Unions

| Posted 03.01.2011 | Business

There has been a virtual blackout of information about unions in the corporate media: More than 1/3 of the public hasn't heard enough about unions to know if they like them or not.

Cutting Government Creates Jobs Like Cutting Taxes Increases Revenue

| Posted 03.18.2011 | Business

Sometimes you can cut through ideology by looking at the real world. Reagan cut taxes; huge deficits resulted. Clinton raised taxes; the deficits went away. The same thing holds true when you look at government spending and jobs.

What "Free Trade" Has Cost the World

| Posted 03.21.2011 | Business

Propaganda being what it is we were somehow convinced to try a worldwide experiment in taking good jobs from democracies and turning them into bad jobs in thugocracies. Now, of course, the experiment has run its course and we can see the results.

Plutocracy: GE Doesn't Pay Taxes -- Taxpayers Pay GE

| Posted 03.26.2011 | Business

Not only did GE, the highly-profitable recipient of federal contracts and bailout money, not pay taxes, we paid them $3.2 billion.

Budget Fight: Why Are Republicans Forcing a Shutdown?

| Posted 03.29.2011 | Politics

Why are Republicans forcing a government shutdown and doing other things aimed at blowing up the economy? The question isn't "are they," it is why are they?

Negotiation 101 for Dems: The Right Policies Are the Right Politics

| Posted 03.30.2011 | Politics

The first rule of negotiating is to pick the right starting position, understanding you will have to give some things up to reach agreement. At the very least, Democrats should start with the best policies for the public, and negotiate from there.