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Entries by Dave Johnson from 02/2012

Manufacturing on Planet Economus

| Posted 02.09.2012 | Business

The countries that are successful in today's economy have national industrial/economic policies. We do not.

Producers vs. Moochers, Freeloaders, and Losers: The Cruel, Pro-Rich Propaganda of the Right

| Posted 02.09.2012 | Politics

"Producers" and "parasites." Cruel language justifying extreme greed seems to be mainstream now. Even presidential candidates feel free to disparage...

China Is Very "Business-Friendly"

| Posted 02.15.2012 | Business

China is very, very "business-friendly." Corporate conservatives lecture us that we should be more "business-friendly," in order to "compete" with Chi...

Will American Anti-Labor Policies Infect Europe?

| Posted 02.16.2012 | Business

I want to send a warning to working people in Europe: when you let your businesses save money by mistreating workers in other countries, it might teac...

We're A Country. Deal With It.

| Posted 02.27.2012 | Business

Again and again (and again and again) we hear -- and learn the hard way -- that our "keep government out of it" approach to economic and manufacturing policy is hurting us.

Labor's Fight Is OUR Fight

| Posted 02.29.2012 | Business

The story of organized labor has been a story of working people banding together to confront concentrated wealth and power. Unions have been fighting to get decent wages, benefits, better working conditions, on-the-job safety and respect. Now the rest of us are learning that this is our fight, too.