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Entries by Dave Zirin from 10/2010

The Randy Moss Trade in All Its Idiocy

| Posted 10.06.2010 | Sports

The Patriots' trade of Moss to the Vikings represents everything I despise about NFL "conventional wisdom" and the New England Patriots organization.

Brett Favre Beware: The NFL Is Thinking Pink

| Posted 10.13.2010 | Sports

If Roger Goodell thinks that female football fans will be twirling their parasols and raising their mint juleps in gratitude for his chivalry if he benches Brett Favre, then the Commish clearly hasn't spent enough time in the stands of NFL games.

In the NFL, the Violence Comes to a Head

| Posted 10.19.2010 | Sports

Here's the reality check to Peter King and all who want their violence safely commodified for Sunday: there is no making football safer. Anytime you have a sport that turns the poor into millionaires and dangles violence as an incentive, well, you reap what you sow.

Should NPR Have Fired Juan Williams? You Betcha

| Posted 10.24.2010 | Media

To be clear there is nothing "left wing" about National Public Radio. Yet in this case they were absolutely correct. Finally, at long last, an institution drew a line against the ceaseless media bigotry faced by Arabs and Muslims.

Giants vs. Rangers: A World Series Beyond Blue and Red

| Posted 10.27.2010 | Sports

There is a tempting political spin to impose on the 2010 World Series: It's the ultimate red-state/blue-state showdown. Seems pretty cut and dry for the political sports fan: You line up with either San Fran or Bush Country, right?