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Entries by David Coggins from 07/2010

Nike Curses: The Dark Side of Marketing Brilliance

| Posted 07.15.2010 | Sports

To see Nike's World Cup ad is to enjoy it. And why not? But as we get to the business end of the great tournament it's time to face the fact that every player featured in the brilliant bit of marketing has bombed in spectacular fashion.

Jay Batlle's Best Revenge: An Interview in Five Easy Pieces

| Posted 07.21.2010 | Arts

Jay Batlle loves German art, French food, and English women, though not in that order. The 33 year-old artist is currently in fine form -- his work can be seen in a sprawling group show about surfing.

LeBron Takes His Talents To The WWE

| Posted 07.21.2010 | Sports

LeBron, enabled by his entourage and the sweet people at Nike, mistook attention for admiration, and bought into their own story line.

Full Frontal: An Interview With Les Rogers

| Posted 07.29.2010 | Arts

Les Rogers comes right at you with big paintings: nudes, abstract, landscapes--he paints everything and leaves you to figure out what kind of artist h...