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Entries by David Fiderer from 11/2008

Dirty Little Secrets About Juror Contacts in the Don Siegelman Trial

| Posted 11.14.2008 | Politics

The woman they called Flipper expressed romantic yearnings about the man named Keith. That was too delicious a morsel not to be shared by email among staffers in the U.S. Attorney's office in Alabama.

The Simple Arithmetic of Hank Paulson's Financial Disaster

| Posted 11.20.2008 | Business

Financial markets have given Hank Paulson a vote of no confidence. His inaction has triggered a chain reaction. Unfortunately, it's the rest of us who will pay the price.

Scandals Surrounding Don Siegelman's Prosecution: A Quick and Easy Primer, Part I

| Posted 11.26.2008 | Politics

We know, based on definitive evidence, precisely how certain Bush appointees lied and colluded in order to subvert due process in the Siegelman trial.