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Entries by David Finkle from 05/2009

Over a Cheever, Under a Cheever

| Posted 05.04.2009 | Healthy Living

I cried when I found out that John Cheever died in 1982. And now with few readers, the paradise that is Cheever's writing is at risk of being a lost paradise.

I'm a Yo-Yo, You're a Yo-Yo

| Posted 05.08.2009 | Huffington Post

In the spring, according to the time-worn adage, a young man's fancy turns to thoughts of love. Maybe because my young-man days are in the receding p...

"You're Too Kind." "I Know, but I'm Trying to Stop It."

| Posted 05.15.2009 | Entertainment

When a performer, writer, director, producer or whoever thanks a critic for being kind, he or she is really insulting the critic.

Breakfast Club Forever!

| Posted 05.26.2009 | Healthy Living

It wasn't long before the koffee klatch to which I paid fealty had a name. We were The Breakfast Club.