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Entries by David Finkle from 08/2009

Stooping to the Highest Level

| Posted 08.03.2009 | Healthy Living

For a long time, I've insisted that civilization reached its highest peak with the invention of the porch.

Knowing Your Neighbors Even If You Don't Know Them

| Posted 08.07.2009 | New York

We've all got them. I'm talking about the neighborhood characters we see regularly, even daily, but whom we never meet, often never even make eye-contact with.

Just Like Andy Warhol, You Can Adorn a Museum of Modern Art Wall

| Posted 08.11.2009 | New York

Warhol will remain in place, but your chance to shout 'Catch me at MOMA" will evaporate. The opportunity you seized not only to look at art but to be art will be terminally turpentined away.

Straight Up News on Gay Plays

| Posted 08.12.2009 | Entertainment

Two plays opened recently in Manhattan in which gay love affairs are observed with keen and perceptive eyes and ears -- Geoffrey Nauffts's Next Fall and Daniel Talbott's Slipping.

Do You Know the Muffin Man? Yes, He Lives Down the Block

| Posted 08.17.2009 | New York

If it hadn't been for Karen, the mailperson, I still wouldn't know about The Muffin House and its importance to history and to my block, West 20th Street between Eighth and Ninth Avenues.

New Study Confirms Water Is Wet

| Posted 08.19.2009 | Media

Money is being spent on these evidently endless studies--perhaps lots and lots and lots of money. For what? For news as old as recorded time and maybe older.

These Days It's Dimes That Are a Dime a Dozen

| Posted 08.25.2009 | New York

As an inveterate stooper-for-pennies, however, I've noticed a recent significant change on the streets of Manhattan. Yes, plenty of pennies are dropped. But just as often nowadays it's dimes that turn up on the pavement.

Barack Obama: Left-Handed? Right-Handed? Ambidextrous? Ambivalent?

| Posted 08.29.2009 | Politics

I suspect the convictions that seem somewhat wobbly now that Obama has attained the nation's highest office would immediately strengthen if he looked his two hands over and committed once and for all to the left one.