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Entries by David Horton from 04/2007

Fickle finger

| Posted 04.02.2007 | Huffington Post

Three hundred years ago, a country with oil was generally a poor country. Oil was of little or no use - rich countries were those with fertile farms, ...

And Then?

| Posted 04.05.2007 | Politics
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I wish I could say to those people, on the eve of 1990 - 'Come on guys, climate change is underway, get a protest movement going. Get angry. Influence politicians. Turn things around.'

It's a Circus

| Posted 04.10.2007 | Politics
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The human attitudes, religious and otherwise, that see animal cruelty as valid entertainment, are still helping to cause extinctions, just as the Roman Colisseum did.

Those crazy Italians

| Posted 04.12.2007 | Politics
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When the Italian government was recently in trouble and looked like losing office, the media were all over the story in their usual way. It would be 6...

Catch 2020

| Posted 04.16.2007 | Politics
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As fast as we make changes in response to climate change the CO2 levels will continue to rise, and by the time we get to where we aimed for, the rise in CO2 will mean new targets will need to be set.

Religious labels

| Posted 04.19.2007 | Huffington Post

It is a story that should be required reading in all schools that teach religion. And those who demand the teaching of creationism in science classes....

Not Me Miss

| Posted 04.23.2007 | Politics
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A very common response to stories of the slow motion train wreck that is global warming is to say, 'well, whatever is going on, it certainly isn't hum...

Politically correct guns and bombs

| Posted 04.26.2007 | Huffington Post

Well, I was hoping to be the only blogger not to comment on Imus, but with the latest sacking of CBS Radio DJs for playing a racist 'prank' on a Chine...

A spoonful of sugar

| Posted 04.30.2007 | Politics
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Conservatives (and religious leaders) are fond of decrying 'situational ethics' (Newt Gingrich did so recently in relation to Virginia Tech) and 'mora...