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Entries by David Horton from 07/2007

Nobled? Nobbled.

| Posted 07.02.2007 | Politics
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Neo-conservatives everywhere have been busy dismantling 150 years of the evolution of a system of social justice and returning the western world to th...

Blank looks

| Posted 07.10.2007 | Media
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During the second world war the war newspapers and letters from soldiers were censored - the reader would find large black patches where material had ...

Whacko, Texas

| Posted 07.13.2007 | Politics
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I was watching a television forum the other night where an audience had been watching "The Great Global Warming Swindle" followed by an expert panel d...

Posters of the world unite

| Posted 07.16.2007 | Politics

Tell you what, there must be an awful lot of Socialists among the posters here. Haven't noticed them? Sure you have. A blogger suggests we need to tr...

Mammoth task

| Posted 07.23.2007 | Politics
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See where a frozen baby mammoth carcass was found the other day? Much excitement because it was very well preserved. It had died about 4000 years befo...

Teachers for Peanuts

| Posted 07.30.2007 | Politics
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Whenever the public becomes aware of some new example of huge salaries and huge payouts to the chief executives of big companies the response from eco...