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Entries by David Horton from 10/2007

Hobby horse

| Posted 10.03.2007 | Politics

You got a hobby? Stamps? Quilts? Ferrets? Choirs? Giant pumpkins? Watching sports? Making pottery? NASCAR? Antiques? Boy Scouts? Whatever your hobby,...

Growing wine in Greenland

| Posted 10.12.2007 | Politics

Call it an educated guess, call it a stab in the dark, but I would lay odds on there being a 100% correlation between climate change deniers and intel...

Hart to Hart

| Posted 10.16.2007 | Media

When you visit people in hospital it always seems best to be cheery and bright. Chat about the outside world. Behave normally, as you would if you and...

Allons Enfants

| Posted 10.23.2007 | Politics

The world is doomed to go on repeating history until history really does come to an end, as the human world comes to an end. So the French, and the Russians, might be worth consulting.

Rattling the cages

| Posted 10.30.2007 | Politics

Zoos began as places of entertainment, where people curious about wild animals from foreign lands could look at them comfortably and safely while feel...