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Entries by David Horton from 03/2008

Evolving Evangelicals

| Posted 03.01.2008 | Politics

We often try to give examples of evolution occurring right now, in order to answer the proposition from creationists that no one ever saw evolution ha...

The Birds and the Huckabees

| Posted 03.08.2008 | Politics

If God wanted to create Mike Huckabee's world, he would have made sure that every individual of every species was identical, and that the whole of the Earth was covered by a uniform garden of Eden.

Only Make Believe

| Posted 03.15.2008 | Healthy Living

If evolution has worked perfectly well to produce all the other features of all the other species on the planet, why on Earth would god even bother to design a flagellum?

Walking Backwards at Christmas

| Posted 03.24.2008 | Healthy Living

Sometimes I wouldn't mind going back to an earlier time. Back to a slower, gentler, more community-oriented, less dumbed-down time, with an ice covered Arctic.

Different Strokes

| Posted 03.30.2008 | Politics

In Russia they have a custom of diving into the river in the middle of winter, ice blocks floating, and then jumping out and rolling in the snow. In S...