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Entries by David Horton from 08/2009

Through A Looking Glass, Darkly

| Posted 08.04.2009 | Politics

Anyone who is concerned about conserving the environment which supports human beings is anti-human, while anyone who happily destroys it, for short-term profit, is pro-human.

Not Enough Reality

| Posted 08.19.2009 | Healthy Living

I think Richard Dawkins could do the world an even greater service than he has already by funding places of atheist non-worship. I would call them Reality Domes, but he might have other ideas.

Clowns to the Right of Me

| Posted 08.24.2009 | Politics

The last thing we want in the complex and challenging 21st century is a meritocracy. Instead, we see a race to the bottom in which the winners are those who are more ignorant (and holier) than thou.

For the Least

| Posted 08.29.2009 | Politics

Just when I think the hypocrisy of fundamentalist christians can't get worse. When I read of support for the Iraq war, hatred of immigrants, the killi...